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Banquet Hall Management System in Uttar-Pradesh

A comprehensive banquet management system is included as part of the tejaxo ERP. Within this system it is possible to block a venue for wait listed bookings as well as for maintenance purposes. Venues can be reserved in advance with confirmed or tentative status. When reservations are tentatively made a cut-off date will need to be defined.

  • Reservations can be made with the following data:
  • Statistics and information of attendees
  • Booking of multiple venues for the same reservation with individual venue rate
  • Meal plan, plan menu items, additional snacks and beverages for the function
  • Guest details
  • Amenities of each function
  • Stewards details for each function
  • Event details of each function

The system supports audit logs for reservation amendments so a detailed history can be maintained for all changes made against a reservation. The reservation screen displays the venue status chart where venue availability is highlighted for any period. Reservation confirmation, reinstatement of cancelled reservations and short close of reservations are supported features. It is possible to display a function prospectus, function confirmation, receipts and bill printing functionality.

Billing features include splitting of bills, splitting of amounts, session based billing and consolidated billing for all sessions. Advances, paid-out and refunds for reservations are supported. All sums are automatically adjusted by the system against the final bill prior to settlement. Various settlement methods are supported similar to all other tejaxo modules. Further, settlement to companies are posted to the accounts module if the accounting module has been included as part of the tejaxo ERP.

Analysis and extensive reporting features are provided which include audit reports on bill re-settlement, KOT amendment, bill re-prints, venue query chart, function of the day, booking details, banquet sales analysis, banquet sales forecast, popularity analysis and cover analysis.

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