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Bio-Metrics Integration

Bio-Metrics Integration

Tejaxo’s Bio-metrics helps you automate the time and attendance solutions. Schools can now track the attendance of the employees and students with the most advanced time tracking Bio-metrics. It helps you achieve convenience and security at the same time. The Fingerprint or the RFID card authenticates every individual entering the school. It helps you track the total time of students and staff in the school.

Tejaxo Bio-metrics offers you time and attendance software with a bio-metric employee time clock. The timekeeper enables employees to check-in and out easily.

Some more features of Tejaxo’s Biometrics are:

  • Integration with School management Software ensures minimum human effort and easy access to all data.
  • Authorize users as administrators.
  • Manager level access allows the head of the school to edit time cards, print reports, and manage the team.
  • Administrator level access offers the head of the school to manage the entire database.
  • Track Employee Time with the most advanced Bio-metrics. It includes arrival, departure, lunch breaks, Overtime, and many more.
  • Establish a management rule on how employee time is accounted for.
  • Manage adjustments by authorizing specific staff.
  • Generate professional reports about each data.
  • Calculate Total working Hours of the employees and supervisors.
  • Auto send emails and SMS to the employees.
  • Create employee early out report to track contribution of all the employees.
  • Calculate Overtime by generating a report of the extra hours.

Benefits of Tejaxo’s Bio-metrics

  • Increased processing speed
  • Flexible
  • Automates the payroll
  • Eliminate all the hassle
  • Eliminates time cards
  • No chance early punch-ins
  • Eliminates hours in payroll management
  • Increases profitability

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