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More productivity, fewer headaches

Spending more time and energy on your internal IT infrastructure than running your business?

Tejaxo Cloud is a division of Tejaxo Software. Specialised in cloud applications and storage, platform services and disaster recovery, Tejaxo Cloud delivers the IT infrastructure needs of both Tejaxo Xi customers and other businesses. With certified, high availability tier 4 data centres, Tejaxo Cloud provides resilient, secure, flexible and maintenance-free managed cloud computing services.

Management as a Service

To download an Eversync solution brochure, find out more about Disaster Recovery as a Service or use our downtime calculator to find out how much a disaster could cost your business:

Infrastructure as a Service

Your data is stored as if it were on a server in your office, so you retain full ownership of and access to it in a standard format.

Platform as a Service

The highest level of security for your data, workflows, forms and audit trails.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Flexible disaster recovery services that meet your recovery time and recovery point objectives.

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