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What is Collage management software? Why do you need it?

Collage management software is a set of programs that manage all the administrative tasks of a Collage. It automates all the day to day activities involved in a Collage. The Online Collage management software manages all the data in a single platform. Whether it is resources or information about any student, the Collage management tool keeps a record of all the data. It automates all the administrative processes like fee management, online application for admission, exam result declaration, staff payroll, and many more.

We here at Tejaxo offer you the most advanced Collage Management System Software. Our innovative tool helps you in increasing the efficiency of managing a Collage. We provide the most robust system. Our Collage management software provides the unique experience of education to the students. Tejaxo Collage management tool helps you save time and money in managing the academic activities.

Why should you implement Tejaxo’s Collage management software?

Tejaxo Collage management software is an advanced tool that helps you manage all the educational processes efficiently. Our software offers you all the features to manage the day-to-day Collage activities. It includes student attendance, student information, online admissions, fee management, staff payroll, accounting, exam management, inventory management, transportation, and many more.

Tejaxo’s Collage management software offers you high-speed access to any data. You can manage all the process from anywhere. We also keep all your data safe and secure. Our Collage management software offers you end to end encryption. Besides, Tejaxo’s Collage management software is the only tool that gives you support for the product. Our support team helps you resolve all the queries about Collage management software. The Collage management modules that Tejaxo provides you are:

  • Online registration module
  • Fee management module
  • Exam and result management module
  • Staff information module
  • Student information module
  • Staff payroll management module
  • Accounting module
  • Attendance management module
  • Inventory management
  • Bus transport and GPS

Notable features of Tejaxo Collage management software

Cost and energy saving:

Tejaxo Collage management software helps you access all the information anywhere you want. You can manage all the processes from any part of the world. You can generate reports and automate the accounting with one single click. It helps you save cost and energy. The staff in the Collage can easily focus on other processes to increase the quality of education.

SMS and mail integration: 

The most useful feature that we offer is SMS and E-mail integration. With Tejaxo’s Collage management software, you can keep the parents updated about their ward’s essential information. You can easily share attendance, reports, information about upcoming events, homework, and many more.


The academic information is crucial for any Collage. Saving them in any decentralized platform would not protect the data. Tejaxo’s Collage management software offers you cloud integration. Now you can collect the entire essential information on the cloud-based platform.

Empower the staff:  

Tejaxo Collage management tools come with all the essential modules. It covers all the day-to-day activities to manage the Collage. It helps your teams to empower themselves with all the advanced features.

Data security: 

Tejaxo Collage management tool offers you the highest level of data security. All your data are saved in the cloud-based software. You can also authorize the staff that you want to access the data.


We here at Tejaxo understand all the needs of the Collage. We offer you customizable management software. You can also add multiple features as per your demand.


The Collage management involves many employees to make decisions. Tejaxo Collage management software offers you multi-user access. You can authorize the staff with minimal access that you want.

Remote access on a web-based platform:

Tejaxo’s Collage management software is web-based. It means you can access anytime anywhere you want. You only need an active internet connection.

Support multiple platforms: 

Tejaxo’s Collage management software is easy to use at various operating systems. You can use it in Android, IOS, or Windows without any hassle.

Easiest interface: 

Tejaxo’s Collage management software has the most comfortable interface. It can be easily accessible by staff, students, teachers, and parents.

Benefits of using Tejaxo Collage management portal

  • Teacher’s portal: 

The teacher’s portal in Tejaxo’s Collage management software allows all the teachers to communicate effectively. It lets the teacher make direct communication with the parents. They can send and receive the assignments. The teachers can send remarks about student performance. They can also share subject scores, attendance, event information to the parents.

  • Parent’s portal: 

Tejaxo’s parent portal allows the parents to track the education of their ward. They can quickly know about their progress.

  • Principal portal: 

The principal Portal in Tejaxo Collage management software helps the head of the Collage to overview all the activities. They can access all the information like a student, information, attendance, classroom content, and many more.

  • Management Portal:

The management portal in Tejaxo Collage management software helps the management to grant access to various activities. They can also overview the fee collection, annual reports, and many more.

Start using Collage management software to automate the Collage management now! Get in touch with us to implement the most advanced software.

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