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Employee Self Services Software in Delhi-NCR

Employee Self Service or ESS is a feature provided by HRMS that allows the employees to take care of multiple tasks be it related to HR or job that helps the companies to save labor hours and increases efficiency. The employees get access to their employee portal, payroll, and other information using Employee service portals.

Tejaxo Employee Self-Service Portal

Tejaxo provides you certain features like ESS portal– general activities, ESS portal- Payroll, ESS portal- Attendance, ESS portal-Leave, ESS portal- Help desk, where employees can view their personal information, official documents and letters, company’s policies and forms, payroll information, update on tax-related information, leave balance, team leave information, and manage leave transactions. You can even raise your queries to IT, Admin, HR, accounting, or recruitment needs using a dedicated Employee Service portals or ESS portal provided by Tejaxo.

  • Features of Employee Self-service portal
  • Single Sign up dashboard- Employees have their sign up dashboard to access their information.
  • Information Management- Get easy access to employee information,attendance , and leaves.
  • Timeline Tracking- Create and update your tasks and timelines
  • Web clock-in or Punch-in– Reduce the pain to calculate irregularity of the punch-ins through web clock-ins.
  • Employee Hierarchy- It makes it easy for an employee to reach out to the right person in the organization.
  • Payroll Regularization- Declare the investments, tax deductions, and other tax compliances in a go.
  • Leave and Attendance- User-friendly portal to apply for leave or mark the attendance.

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