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Event Management refers to the process by which professional event organizers plan, organize and conduct corporate/professional events. Some of the event types would be Conferences, Seminars, Exhibitions, Trade shows/Expo, Shareholder Meeting, Product Launches, Board meetings, Corporate Dinner events, etc. Event sizes can range from small and exclusive participants ( less than 30-50), mid-size events ( few hundreds) and very large scale events ( in thousands). By its very nature, event management involves both offline ( logistics-related) and online (promotion, ticketing, payment, attendee registration) set of activities. Hence managing events is a complex task

Event Management includes broadly 4 areas

Logistics related - venue, transport, hotel accommodation, catering
People related - exhibitors, attendees, support staff, sponsor company members
Marketing/Promotion-related - email, social media campaigns, event website, advertisements, sponsor management, event app
Revenue/Cost management - event expenses, ticketing, payment solutions

Above all this, events should provide seamless and best in class experience for attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors as the impact will have great benefit for the business.

What is Event Management Software?

Event management software primarily refers to the all-in-one platforms that cater to all aspects of planning and organizing professional events. It should provide the best in class digital experience for the online aspects of event management and at the same seamlessly integrate with offline activities. There are several point products that specialize in supporting specific activities like venue management, ticketing, attendee registration, website creation, audience response tracking, etc. However, consideration here is to analyze event management platform software which provides all-in-one support.

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