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New Product Developement Process in Uttar-Pradesh

New Product Development (NPD) processes are all about getting a great product out the door and loved by the market. The process of developing the new product needs to focus on that delivery outcome as it’s all about end results.

Do you make your money from your NPD output?

Does your NPD output bring value to your brand?

Yes? Then keep reading.

Your deployed products is your lifeline to your business brand value and financial valuation. Think about your competition. Ask if you can stay in the game.

  • Do your NPD processes today include best practice steps that drive value?

  • Are these repeatable and scaleable?

  • Do they constantly improve in real time?

Pie is just not a visual project and process application, it’s more than that. It’s a lifeline platform for your new product development lifecycle. Any tool can check off what is done. Tejaxo helps you easily define your NPD project process ingredients and steps on how to build and deploy the most amazing value to your end customers.

Get fast-to-market Value delivery

Speed is one thing. Getting there fast is only half-way there. The important key here is “value”. What business value are you delivering fast to market? Tejaxo is designed to help our customers reduce pain and increase team engagement. Less pain and happier people who understand how to build and deliver your products will quickly get you 100% of the way there.

  • Execute a well-defined new product development strategy that includes the how-to steps for all known processes. In Pie, these are your “Recipe” ingredients.

  • Improve consistency and predictability speed with repeatable Tejaxo recipes that your teams improve over time.

  • Make better timeline decisions and understand time-to-market milestones with Tejaxo progress reporting.

  • Reduce risk of delivery failure when teams collaborate and engage with the Tejaxo Post features made specifically for identifying and solving issues and risks.

  • Leverage the Tejaxo Ideas Post feature to highlight team members’ creative solutions to improve both the new product being developed and its NPD process.

  • Always improve your NPD processes and ensure they drive quality end results. This is done with updating your NPD Tejaxo recipes.

Process — For the known stuff

A new product development process is a sequence of known steps that is typical with most NPD projects. This includes all of the planning, discovery, market analysis, design, etc. where each may require a phase gate for approval before moving to the next phase. Tejaxo provides a visual phase gate process approach with Pie Slices and Pie Process Box features.

You can structure your NPD processes in Tejaxo to drive your best practices and successful frameworks. This is first accomplished with setting up a Tejaxo Recipe that you design to contain your known best practice content made from lessons learned.

Agile — for the unknown stuff

What about when your NPD projects are full of unknown work that may need to be done? This is common when developing a new product that needs a cycle of prototyping or maybe a type of new product that needs a unique change in how you execute the NPD project process.

This is when an agile approach is helpful. Agile for NPD is most useful as a hybrid by combining your known NPD methodologies with the unknown task work that needs to be discovered along the way.

You may have heard of “Agile” for iterative development. This includes the term “scrum” where a small team would identify, select, discuss, and develop a new set of targeted features (and defects). The term “sprint” is an iterative cycle of time (i.e., one or two weeks) for implementing scrums with end results that either presents new prototypes or delivers parts of your overall product.

We built Tejaxo to allow you to combine process with agile. Use the Pie Board features for a section of your project that requires an Agile sprint/scrum process for the unknown work.

Hybrid —Process with agile

Combing the Board section of your project for Agile work with the other traditional tasks and process boxes in the different Tejaxo phases will give you a true hybrid project approach. This brings the best of both worlds!

Again, it’s all about great results and the execution path may need a combination of different approaches. Tejaxo gives you the flexibility for either the NPD phase gate method, agile iterative process, or the hybrid combo approach.

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