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Vendor Management Portal in Delhi-NCR

A one-stop solution for Vendor enrollment, on-boarding, on-going supervision and collaboration

Managing suppliers is a tedious task. Manual interaction turns out to be a costly and time-consuming process. Vendors are usually anyone who provides you all the inventory goods. They are part of supply chain management. The parts offered by them helps an organization to produce a complete product. Managing the vendors is the most crucial part of a business. It includes various time-consuming processes such as payment inquiries, order management, invoice creation, vendor evaluation, and many more. An advanced Vendor Management Software enables you to manage all these tasks efficiently.

We here at Tejaxo takes all your hassle out of vendor supervision. Tejaxo’s Vendor Management Tool automates the vendor management. Our interactive software helps your organization to create effective communication with the vendors. It eliminates all manual errors and paperwork in supply chain management. Whether it is purchase order creation or order management, our Vendor management tool automates all the processes. It allows you to track the order status without even communicating with the vendor. Our application offers you a complete range of strategic vendor management processes.

Some hard-to-ignore features of Tejaxo vendor management tool are:

  • Integrated process workflow- Tejaxo’s vendor management tool deals with the entire purchase to pay process order. It includes purchase order, GRN, invoice payment all in one platform.
  • Automates vendor registration- Tejaxo’s all-in-one software helps the vendors to fill the vendor form directly. They can access it without any manual interference. It helps you to evaluate the supplier more effectively.
  • Automate supply chain- our advanced tool automates supply chain management. It helps the suppliers to know about the material requirement and stock levels without any interaction with you.
  • Quality assurance- Tejaxo’s vendor management tool offers you the option to evaluate the vendors. You can evaluate them with their quality certificate, insurance certificate, risk factors.
  • Up-to-date information- Our innovative business management tool offers you up-to-date exact information. It helps you eliminate replicated original supplier data.
  • Cost-saving- We offer you the most advanced vendor management tool that minimizes the cost to the vendor. You can use our vendor portal to forecast the cash flow and export information in multiple formats.
  • Rate supplier’s performance- Tejaxo’s vendor management tool helps you rate suppliers’ performance. You can rate based on their ability to meet your needs.
  • Easy implementation- Tejaxo’s vendor management tool is easy to implement in your business. It can also be integrated with ERP software to access data.

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